How to Structure your Technical Project Manager Resume to Showcase Technical Skills

A project manager is one of the most responsible positions in any company. A project manager deals with every asset engaged in the assigned project to ensure smooth working.

Technical Project Manager Resume

Considering the continuous transformation in technology, project managers are in high demand in different niches. According to a recent report by Zippia, more than 593,918 project managers are currently employed in the United States. 

These numbers are expected to grow exponentially as new startups emerge every day. Hence, you need to keep upgrading your project management skills to stay updated with the current technical environment.

Moreover, you will need a professional resume for technical project manager jobs in the United States. Considering this, we are listing here five pro tips that will help you in showcasing your technical skills effectively in your technical project manager resume:

Outline Resume in a Suitable Format

Selecting a suitable format for your resume is the initial step you can take to bag your targeted job. Though numerous resume formats are available online, you can opt for a reverse-chronological or combination resume format.

Use the functional resume format in exceptional cases where professionals have a career gap. It focuses more on skill sets rather than professional details.

Add Technical Keywords & Highlight Them Wherever Possible

Nowadays, numerous companies worldwide are dependent on ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to execute the initial resume screening round. The ATS filters out on-suitable resumes and saves a lot of recruiter’s time.

To get through the ATS without any complications, we recommend using as many technical keywords as you can. ATS will catch those keywords during the screening time, and you will shortlist you as an eligible candidate.

Showcase Key Skills & Technical Skills Separately

Your skills will present your capabilities for the targeted role. Hence, it is imperative to showcase them appropriately.

We advise you to make separate sections for listing your technical and key skills in the resume. This step will increase your shortlisting chances in the recruitment process.

Address Cause-Effect Relationship in Bullet Points

While showcasing the bullet points of your professional details, always try to address the cause-effect relationship. It will help the recruiter identify problems, solutions, and results gained in the previous role.

Add Skills in Resume Summary Smartly

You can smartly add your skills to the resume summary to make your resume technically strong. The skills will work as technical keywords that will help you pass the ATS screening round and recruiter screening round as well.

Key Takeaways

Take a look at the key takeaways of this article:

  • Choose an appropriate resume format to make the outline
  • Add technical keywords and bold them wherever possible
  • Mention your technical and key skills in separate sections
  • Address the cause-effect relationship in the resume bullet points
  • Embed technical skills while writing your resume summary

These guidelines will help you make a technically sound professional project manager resume to bag your targeted project management job. Wishing you the best of luck in your job searching process.


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