Top 5 Tools That Will Check Plagiarism Accurately

 Plagiarism is a serious allegation against anyone trying to write a copy for a product or presenting some research work as an effort of their own.

People often confuse paraphrasing with direct copy-pasting or duplicating someone's work. In general, you won't find one type of plagiarism, but there are various degrees and definitions of plagiarism.

5 Tools That Will Check Plagiarism

What are the types of plagiarism?

Direct Plagiarizing

This type of plagiarism is the plain and simple copy-pasting technique an individual follows. Taking someone else's content and putting it online precisely in their words or phrases to raise your website's ranking is much like direct stealing.

Even if you copy a single paragraph from a blog or website without mentioning their reference or credit, it would be plagiarism.

Idea Plagiarizing

This type of plagiarism is a part of some controversial debates as people believe duplicating words is the only way of plagiarism. However, stealing someone's idea without mentioning their credits is still a form of plagiarism.

This type of plagiarism involves taking an idea or paragraph to include as a part of our research. Without mentioning the source of the website or study, one can take legal action against idea thieves to take off the content from the website.


Self-Plagiarism is also referred to as unintentional plagiarism, like repeating an idea or piece of work mentioned in previous writing. 

Self-plagiarism is usually found when an author has to repeatedly write about the same thing. In such scenarios, maintaining uniqueness becomes a challenge for many.

Now that we have discussed various kinds of plagiarism, let's talk about how we can evaluate our content to see if it is duplicated. A writer can rely on a plagiarism checker to save some time on manually checking their content through search engines.


This article will present some practical plagiarism checking tools to evaluate your content for uniqueness. These tools will help you write confidently by generating the most accurate results from their extensive databases.

1. Rephrase

5 Tools That Will Check Plagiarism

This plagiarism checking tool is beneficial for students and teachers to help them avoid plagiarism. The Rephrase plagiarism checker runs your content through billions of web pages to save you from allegations of plagiarism.

The tool is very effective and easy to use with its prominent features and online interface. Under free usage, we can perform a check of 1000 words from three different languages. Freeware tools are always welcoming for students and researchers as they can perform unlimited checks per usage.

Features of Rephrase plagiarism checker

  • The best part is that you can operate this tool for free. You can check plagiarism of 1000 words per usage, and you can use this tool as many times as you want. No registration or advance payment is required.
  • This tool performs the most accurate research with AI-based technology to give the most accurate results on links and resources. The Deep Search algorithm of Rephrase plagiarism checker looks through social media posts, blogs, published research papers, and PDF files.
  • Above all, this tool values the user's privacy and does not save any files or text in the database.


5 Tools That Will Check Plagiarism

This plagiarism checker is integrated with advanced duplication-checking technology to assist students and teachers across the online world. Plagiarism check brings the most precise results to give exact matches on the duplicated resources. 

It follows the same format as Turnitin to state the report's resources and percentage of plagiarized content. Besides checking the exact formulation of words, this tool also scans for any voice change or rearrangement of words in the article.

Features of PlagiarismCheck

  • This tool provides a detailed report by highlighting each sentence or phrase with the matching online source. However, the service may cost you to avail of a paid plan.
  • This tool integrates various online platforms like Google Classroom, Google Docs, and Canvas.
  • Under a paid plan, you can select various languages to check plagiarism accordingly. 

3. Plagium

5 Tools That Will Check Plagiarism

Plagium is the most convenient online tool with its straightforward screen interface and responsive results. Plagium allows you to check plagiarism for 1000 characters free without any registration.

Although you can choose to avail of paid plans starting from 0.04 US Dollars per page, the tool is responsive and easy to use without any bulky options on the interface. The paid version brings additional advantages, which can be availed under a monthly payment plan.

Features of Plagium

  • Users can independently paste text to analyze for plagiarism checking. This service is available in Portuguese, Spanish, and French. 
  • The reports include images for easy comparison. The tool scans through different levels of duplication to present an in-depth report.
  • We can choose to download results in various formats.

4. Plagramme

5 Tools That Will Check Plagiarism

Plagramme is the friendly partner of academic writers and researchers. This tool offers full functionalities for educators under free usage. However, you may have to sign-up to avail of the plagiarism checking service.

This tool can detect errors or duplication from the text, catching direct or indirect referencing, intentional or unintentional plagiarism, and paraphrased content.

Features of Plagramme

  • The score reporting is precise with various categorizations of plagiarized content. All the errors, including improper citation, paraphrasing, and direct plagiarism, are displayed in the report.
  • This plagiarism checker offers support in 129 languages to support a global level service.
  • The report features a link to each source that matches any sentence or phrase in the entered text.

5. Scribbr

5 Tools That Will Check Plagiarism

Another advanced AI-based tool is specially designed by keeping students' academic challenges in mind. The tool detects the matching content and displays the overall percentage of plagiarized content in a descriptive report. 

But this accurate plagiarism checking service costs around 20 US Dollars which allows checking 7500 words. Users can avail various plans based on their usage.

Features of Scribbr plagiarism checker

  • This plagiarism checker gives the most accurate results from its extensive search algorithm. This tool scans over 70 billion web pages, including more than 60 million publications.
  • Users can also provide any piece of text, including unpublished content, to check plagiarism from their document.
  • This tool supports 20 different languages for plagiarism checking with file downloading support in various formats.


Plagiarism detection is necessary to have the confidence to publish your content online. Such tools like plagiarism checkers can be helpful to avail that confidence without going through a time-consuming effort. Preciseness and responsiveness of these tools define their efficiency on paid or free usage.


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