How to Fix Messenger 'Please Check your Connection and Try Again' Error

 Facebook Messenger helps Facebook users connect with their Facebook friends and contacts. However, sometimes the Messenger application has a few bugs that could affect the user experience of the app. We'll be sharing fixes for one of these bugs, which is the 'please check your connection and try again' error that occurs on the app when messaging new contacts despite having active internet.

fix Messenger not loading conversations

This error mostly happens on your Facebook messenger connections if you have not sent a message previously. So contacts you have sent a text to at least once or twice will not be affected by this bug. Not all devices are affected by this error though, but none are prone to the Messenger 'please check your connection and try again' error.

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There are many causes of this error, it could be you literally do not have an active internet connection, but in most cases, the cause is because of an outdated app or corrupted cache. So I will guide you on how to fix Messenger not loading conversations on your device.

Fix Please Check your Connection and Try Again on Messenger

Below contains the two steps you need to follow so you can fix the Facebook Messenger connection errors while loading conversations with an active internet connection.

1. Clear Cache:

Clear Cache

This is the first step that should come to your mind, not only because of this error on Messenger but when an app is malfunctioning on your device. Cache helps collect and store temporary data on your apps so when you launch it the next time, it loads faster than the fresh installation of the app. When this reserved storage location is corrupted, it will affect the functionality of the app, so below is how to clear the cache when that happens;

  • Head to your phone Settings.
  • Next, locate all Applications.
  • Now locate the Messenger app.
  • Open it to see more info about the app.
    - Tap Force Stop.
  • Next, scroll down a bit and locate Storage.
  • Finally, tap on Clear cache.
Now, simply launch your Facebook Messenger application and open the chats that gave you the please check your connection and try again error. They should now load. In case it doesn't, which isn't likely, follow the next step.

2. Change APN:

Change APN

The Access Point Name of your Internet Service Provider is very important when it comes to the connectivity of your apps and also the restrictions on sites you can access. Sometimes, having the wrong proxy or setup on your ISP APN can affect the loading of certain sites like Google or Apps like Twitter. So it is very possible you might have the wrong APN that could have affected your Messenger from loading conversations. So here is what you should do;
  • Head to your device Settings.
  • Tap on Connections.
    - Varies on devices.
  • Next, locate Mobile Networks.
  • Open Access Point Names.
  • Now open your APN and check if it matches your ISP default APN
    - If it does not, create another manually and switch to the new one.
  • Now, apply Airplane mode and re-open Messenger.

In most cases, this will fix network errors on many applications. If you have other APNs set up for your ISP, add them and switch between them till you find the perfect one working for your apps. This way, you can be sure to confirm if your network issue is from your APN or the Messenger app.

3. Check for Messenger Update:

Check for Messenger Update

This is the easiest step to fix Messenger not loading conversation bug because if this bug is a known bug by the developer for a current version, there is a higher chance the developer has pushed an update on Google Playstore to fix the issue. So you need to check for updates, and if available, simply update it. Doing so is easy;
  • Head to your official app store.
    - Google Playstore (Android)
    - Apple Appstore (iOS)
  • Check for installed apps.
  • Check for updates, if available, update the app.
    - If unavailable, uninstall and re-install the app.
After doing this, kindly check the app if the bug still occurs in new conversations despite having a strong and active internet connection. If it doesn't occur anymore, then you can send messages to your new chats, make sure to check regularly for updates for other known/unknown bug fixes.


So this is how to fix the Messenger 'please check your connection and try again' error on your iOS or Android phones. I believe one of these steps above should work, especially the clearing of cache. If you have other working methods, kindly let us know via the comment box below. Leave feedback if this worked for you, don't forget to share with others since they could face this issue as well.


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