Gmail Updated Material You UI Finally Rolling Out to All User: What to Expect

Google has started to roll out a new user interface update for is Gmail service as announced earlier this year by the company. It is now being rolled out to lots of users, they can now see the new interface on their account dashboard. What's this new update all about, and what should you expect?

Gmail Updated Material You UI

Well, the new redesigned email interface features a sidebar that allows you to easily switch between all related Google services such as Mail, Spaces, Meet, and Chat - according to Google. This new integrated Gmail view can be accessed when you turn on Chat from your account.

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Furthermore, the new design shows the default background of the platform kind of blue and the Compose Floating Action Button turning into a rectangular share with a border-radius. As expected, users who wish to stick to the old view can easily opt back to it through the "Go back to the original view," and “Apps in Gmail” in order to remove Chat, Spaces, and/or Meet.

Regarding how the new changes work, here's what Google had to say, "Using Quick settings, you can select apps you'd like to toggle between on the left side of your window, whether it's Gmail by itself or a combination of Gmail, Chat, Spaces and Meet. Label lovers will see separate sections for system labels (like Starred, Snoozed, and Important) and custom labels you make yourself. And people who love to chat will see conversation bubbles with snippets of incoming messages, along with options to quick reply instead of opening the full message."

Google is also working on a new Search chips feature which will be implemented at the top-right corner of the Gmail Inbox, making it easy for users to filter messages. In addition, the company revealed some future improvements for tablet users which should be expecting better emojis, new accessibility features, and more later this year 2022.


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