YouTube Pinch to Zoom Undergoing Test: What you Should Expect

YouTube is testing a pinch-to-zoom feature that allows users to zoom in and zoom out of any YouTube video. Here are who can access these features, how it really works, and the global release date.

YouTube Pinch to Zoom Undergoing Test

The Pinch to Zoom feature will be accessible to all users. However, only YouTube Premium users can access the experimental feature for testing purposes. These users will get first access to the pinch to zoom feature which allows them to zoom in and out of a video with their two fingers. A very helpful feature is to look clearly for details when you pause a video.\

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As said earlier, this is an experimental feature, so it will be available for a limited period of time to YouTube Premium subscribers who can access it until September 1st, 2022. New Premium Subscribers can also have access to this feature, not only current subscribers. Without paying, you can access the feature, this works due to YouTube's official 3-month free trial, in which users are expected to get it for $1.63 monthly.

Google could later scrap the feature as not all experimental features get successfully implemented. If this gets scraped, users can still make use of the pinch-in zoom feature that allows users to expand the video to fit the full width of a taller smartphone display, though this cuts certain parts of the video from top and bottom.

In conclusion, YouTube recently rolled out a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode for all YouTube subscribers on iPhones and iPad, this allows the users to view a mini-player in a floating popup window while accessing other apps. Quite similar to what some Samsung Devices offer.


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