LinkedIn is Rolling Out Carousels, Clickable Links, Templates: Report

The Microsoft-owned professional social network - LinkedIn, Thursday, announced new features aimed at creators. They will be able to get more engagements with the new features, readers on their shared links, and more. Here are what you should expect if you utilize Linkedin for job seeking and related.

LinkedIn Carousels, Clickable Links, Templates

As announced by Microsoft through Keren Baruch in a blog post, LinkedIn users will be able to add external links to images and videos shared in posts.


Carousels LinkedIn

Clickable Links

Clickable Links LinkedIn


Templates LinkedIn

This new development will help creators get more audience to their website, newsletters, personal projects, and portfolio. Users can easily access this feature when they tap on the 'Add a link' icon shown after creating a new post with an image or video.

Templates feature is among the new LinkedIn features - these new Templates feature allows creators to customize backgrounds and fonts of their post text e.g bold, italics, underline e.t.c - this could help grab the attention of their audience. In other to access the templates, you have to head to Post on mobile and then tap 'Use a Template'. Clickable links can also be added to the templates.

Carousels feature is a new content format that allows LinkedIn users to combine both images and videos which will appear in a swipeable format. This new Carousels feature will undergo changes over the coming months, though it is currently rolling out to creators. As for the new Clickable Link functionality and Templates, these will be available to users over the coming weeks.


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