What To Know: Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat With AnonyTun

What You Should Know About Newly Discovered Glo Unlimited

Glo unlimited free browsing cheat came back yesterday evening. Many have started blazing the Glo cheat and it is as fast as flash 😃

Yes, the cheat is back, but don't just scroll down to the settings yet, as there are things to take note off, and am telling you, it's more important than the settings. The Glo cheat has limitations as it doesn't work on all sim.

You might be wondering, Glo data can't activate without a subscription, so how can it be back? Glo has fixed the data problem issue,  but not on all sims. So this is where the problem comes in. Some are blazing the free browsing cheat, while few aren't. So in any case, the probability is 50 -50.

Below are what you need to take note of about the newly discovered glo unlimited.

What To Know:

1.The Glo cheat doesn't work on all sim {Sim selective}
2. Glo activated selected numbers starting mostly with 080, 081, 090
3. It is the same url/host you need to use, click here to check the settings
4. For those whose data activated, use the Apn;

- Name: UcheTechs
- Apn: 176.90.6868.67:4430@_Ultra

5. I know your minds will be to buy a new glo sim, so if you want to buy a new sim, don't forget the numbers above it works for.

These are what you need to know about the New Glo unlimited cheat that was recently discovered. The Cheat also appeared on UcheTechs group chats as it was discovered, so to get Updates early, i suggest you join our WhatsApp Group chat Or Our Telegram Group chat.

You can also check out our Telegram Channel to receive Android and Pc Tips & Tricks.

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  1. ChukwudumagaNovember 02, 2017

    Still the boss of all tricks

  2. AbayomrunkojeNovember 02, 2017

    Keep it up

  3. chinedu okwaraNovember 02, 2017

    Mine works well

  4. chinedu okwaraNovember 02, 2017

    Used 5Gb today and counting

  5. Doesn't work on my sim, i think i have to buy a new sim

    1. Before doing so, make sure you follow the procedures found here the way it is

  6. WOW! It's working wella, thanks uche your the best

  7. Nice one.. At least those it's not working for will know the reason why and how to go about it..

  8. Admin my own is not connecting am using 4 network.08066355614 my name is abdullah pls add me on ur group chat

    1. You have to do try and fail, as that is what many are doing.. e.g you buy buy as many sim as possible and keep trying them with diffrent Apn and settings, kindly drop your WhatsApp number here by commenting below the article.
      Thanks for coming and commenting

  9. My WhatsApp contact 08102710430

  10. hello sir, i really loved what you did and am very happy but sir, will this work for pc

    1. This doesn't work in the mean time. When it's back, you will be notified.
      You can use the cheat with a pc, using pdanet.

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