How To Create a Working SSH Payload Generator on HTTP Injector

I know you have been waiting for such a Topic on this blog and I am here to teach you that. We are going to learn how to create a working SSH Payload Generator on HTTP Injector 2018. It will be pretty easy to create an HTTP Custom Payload for HTTP Injector once I am done with this tutorial.
payload http injector settings

Before you visited this post, you should have some basic knowledge about HTTP Injector and how it works. It's a VPN and also a tunneling app used to Bypass ISP Restrictions, Get access to any site, Browse through a proxy, and even get access to Free internet on your ISP without paying. There are many uses for HTTP Injector VPN.

In this post, I will briefly teach you how to Find a working payload, but I wouldn't go much into the details. You will also learn how to create Payload HTTP Injector settings and how to create a fast SSH account for HTTP Injector.


payload http injector settings

  1. Get your host from your ISP Free Sites or Subscription URL e.g mPulse
  2. Scan the host with any Host checker
  3. If the host is active, then you are close ( 200 OK Establish is recommended)
  4. Check for Header Information on HTTP Injector >> Tools >> Host Checker
  5. Use direct request and GET
  6. Look closely for Extra Header info like Keep-alive or User agent
  7. Now use Payload Generator to set it up.
This is how to Create an SSH Payload Generator HTTP Injector. 

Note: There are websites and tools used for this, but I do not want to share my tools used to scan for hosts and check hosts. Do your research on that!


payload http injector settings
SSH Payload Generator

  1. Click on the SSH Payload Generator
  2. Input your Host on URL/Host
  3. Choose your Request method: CONNECT/GET/POST
  4. Choose your Query method: Front or Back
  5. Tick your Extra Header:  Online host/ Keep-alive e.t.c
  6. Now Generate Payload
payload http injector settings

If your ISP has an APN Proxy and Port, do this;
  1. On HTTP Injector, click on Tunnel Type >> Secure Shell
  2. Connect Via: HTTP Proxy
  3. Options: Tick "Custom Payload"
  4. Save
  5. Click Remote proxy and input your ISP Apn Settings like below
Bonus: MTN Nigeria Proxy
Port: 8080

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Export your Config and Share with others to download your HTTP Injector Config. You can lock it or leave it unlocked if you wish!


Some Websites create 30 Days SSH Accounts, 1-month SSH Accounts, 15 Days SSH Accounts, 7 Days SSH accounts.
payload http injector settings
SSH Payload Generator

  2. FreeVpn.Us
  3. (Premium Config)
  5. Search Google for more
Now visit any of these sites and create an SSH account. Choose your username and password and submit. 

Now you will get your SSH Info like; Username and Password, Server Name and Ip, Server Port (443), and Squid ( 8080, 80). 

Note: It is recommended to choose Singapore when creating SSH in Africa because they are the closest to us and this, in turn, increases the stability and speed of the HTTP Injector Config.
Note 2: Create an SSH account from a server that has 8080, 3128 and 80 as squid proxy port especially if your host ISP Port has any of the above Ports on it's APN.
Now, let's learn how to set up the SSH account on HTTP Injector so that we can create our own SSH Payload Generator Configuration File.

Do this;
payload http injector settings

  1. Swipe left to right on HTTP Injector
  2. Click on SSH Settings
  3. Tick Secure Shell (SSH)
  4. Under SSH Host, input the SSH host
  5. Input the port e.g 443, 22; (443 Recommended)
  6. Input your username on Account Information and Password
  7. >> Username is usually your username-SSH website ending with . com
  8. Bonus: Scroll down and Enable Data Compression
  9. Go back and connect.
Note: Make sure you do not forget to set up the SSH Payload Generator on HTTP Injector tunnel Type to Proxy >> SSH (Custom Payload).

Now, check your log information for connection status. You'll get a 200 OK connection to establish and boom. Connected!.

This is how to Create a Working SSH Payload Generator on HTTP Injector, Find a Working host, and create an SSH account to set it on HTTP Injector VPN. Wait! Before you leave, you need to join our Telegram Group for discussions and channels for new Config and for Some info not posted on this blog.


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  3. I keep getting error message...pls can u help me more on this

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  6. Finally...I've created my first congiy file... All thanks to uchetechs 👍

  7. Thank you so much. I have been looking for this post. Please also write about KPN Tunnel config and I will gladly share it on my social handler and Telegram channel.

  8. I tried ticking the secure shell and it's not working. Beside the payload tutorials is difficult to understand. I'm sure no one among those commenting has done it correctly. if you want us to learn, you should include everything including the host checker we should use and make use of screenshots in the payload tutorials. Thanks for the little tips though, let me go and browse more

  9. I would really appreciate this if you can explain it in layman's terms. I really want to learn this but I don't understand your explanation. Thanks in advance

  10. Very wonderful. Credits to Uchetechs

  11. Hi Uchetechs, my apps keeps on disconnecting. Failing to connect, am in Swaziland using MTN Sir

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