5 Simple Steps To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Without Rice

The rice part still baffles me till today, how can putting a wet iPhone inside a bag of Rice get water out of your phone. In fact, some call this a rice meme, it deserves that name, some still do this today and it's weird and too much of low life. I have provided 5 simple steps needed to Get the water out of your Wet Phone without rice.
Get Water Out Of Your iPhone & Android Without Rice

Mistakes happen as we all know and sometimes our Android phone or iPhone (Worst Case) can mistakenly fall into the water, most times it can be inside a washing machine or a bucket of water. This makes the Electronic device to turn off immediately and it won't turn on. Do not try to on the phone or the case will be worst. There are vital steps needed to make the phone fully function again.

Direct Answer: #1 Turn the device off, #2 Dry the Phone, #3 Sun-Dry the Device, #4 Pugin the device to a Charger, #5 Repair Phone

How to Get Water Out of Wet iPhone or Android without Rice

1. Turn the device off!

Most times the device turns off itself, but if the device is still one, it is highly recommended you turn it off, do not let the device remain on while the water is still penetrating. Also, if your device keeps restarting, remove the phone's battery, no need to put it in a bag Rice or something.
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I know some use inbuilt Andriod battery devices like Infinix or iPhone, so what do you do when your device gets wet. Try this life hack - Press and Hold the Volume Up + Power Button until the device shows a blue screen and then turns off.

2. Dry the Phone

Locate any dry rag or towel quickly to remove any visible water on your Android phone to prevent more water from getting into your phone. You'll need to be careful to prevent more from entering as it can damage the device.

Also, remove the device back cover to dry the back of the phone alongside the battery. Clean all little holes where water MUST have sneaked through like the speakers, the charging ports, earpiece port and answering call thing - speaker I guess.

3. Sun-Dry the Device

Many people still forget nature has something to always offer. Try putting your device with its cover removed and the majority of water dried with a towel outside the house where the sun can reach the device for 6 hours.

This is better than putting your phone with rice, possibly wasting your time and extending the device damage duration.

4. Pugin the device to a Charger

Now you are done drying the phone, you'll need to plug in your phone for a few minutes without a battery. Trust me, yea, just trust me. This will warm the device and heat it up a bit thereby refreshing the device performance and getting some water dried up instantly.
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Now put your phone battery back and on the device. It should work perfectly, but if the amount of water in the phone is too much, then the device will not turn on or it might, but you'll see the device is now in an opposite written text and display.

5. Repair Phone

Now there's no hope so someone needs to repair your phone, and phone electricians are more experienced in this phone dropping into water aspect, they'll open the device and clean up the little water they can see and also they'll inform you if your device is totally damaged or not.

I hope that's not your phone's case if that's why you visited this post. But these steps must work if it's just a minor issue.

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  1. My device battery is inbuilt, so when it keeps restarting on its own, it means am done for, cause I lack the knowhow of removing the battery myself.

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