Download 8 Ball Hero App (Apk + Obb) For Android and iOS

From the Makers of Dream League and Score! Match here comes 8 Ball Hero App (Pool Billiards Puzzle Game) another new Game that is offline and can be played for Free on Android and iOS devices. 8 Ball Hero Apk + Obb has also be shared for the sake of direct download, I have shared the walkthrough, Tips, and Gameplay too.
8 Ball Hero Apk obb free

From the makers of the hugely successful Score! and Dream League Soccer Franchises comes an all-new game called 8 Ball Hero. With fully rendered 3D graphics, ultra-realistic physics, authentic commentary, and over 200 levels, this game will challenge you to become an 8 Ball Hero!

What is Pool Billiards?

Pool is a classification of cue sports played on a table with six pockets along the rails, into which balls are deposited. There are tons of them in Google Play and Apple Store, but today, we are reviewing the latest release 8 Ball Hero App (Apk + Obb) which comes with HD Graphics, Commentary, Smooth Gameplay and requires less Internal storage space.

8 Ball Hero Apk + Obb Game Walkthrough

Become a pool superstar in 8 Ball Hero! Travel the world, compete against rivals and pot your way to victory. Can you use your cue skills to complete challenges and triumph in the most prestigious tournaments? The best challengers await! Will you pocket the black, create a legacy and become an 8 Ball Hero?
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Features of 8 Ball Hero App - Pool Billiards Puzzle Game

Download 8 Ball Hero App

1. Amazing graphics! Fully rendered 3D Pool Tables and characters.

2. Realistic environments, sound effects, and locations.

3. Immersive, interactive story! Choose your path to glory! Where in the world will you play next?

4. Win Trophies, Badges and represent your homeland.

5. Addictive advanced gameplay - Go for the simple shot, or use spin to pot the black in style!

6. Customize your Hero - Bring your style to the table!

7. Challenging ‘Bonus objectives’ to truly test your skill.

Download 8 Ball Hero App

8. Need a helping hand? 8 Ball Hero App in-game Boosts allow you to gain the advantage in those vital moments!

9. Relive your best moments with Career Highlights!

10. The authentic commentary in 8 Ball Hero Apk reacts based on the gameplay.

11. Log into Facebook and sync your progress between devices!

8 Ball Hero Game/ Information

Updated: October 11, 2019
Size: 71M + Additional Contents
Installs: 1,000,000+
Current Version: 1.10
Requires Android: 5.0 and up
Offered By: First Touch Games Ltd.
Mode: Offline
Folder Name: com.firsttouchgames.pool
OS: Android & iOS
Ram: 1GB

Where To Download 8 Ball Hero Apk + OBB Files For Android or iOS?

Download 8 Ball Hero App

To get this Pool Billiards Puzzle Game, you can either download from Google Play Store or AppStore for iOS (Officially) or get the none-modded Apk direct link for Android Below

8 Ball Hero - Gameplay Walkthrough and Guides

Guide #1: How To Change Graphics Settings

1. Frame Rate (FPS)
This affects the maximum frame rate your game will run at. A higher frame rate will result in a smoother looking game experience. Please note that the game will only run at the frame rate that your device is capable of, and gameplay may appear smoother at a constant 30 frames per second, than at a variable 30-60 FPS.

Please note that 8 Ball Hero will change to the 30 FPS cap if you have a low battery level or power saving mode enabled.
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If you have an older device (2016 or older), we would recommend you try the game first on 30 FPS, then experiment on 60 FPS later.

2. Graphics Quality

This will determine the quality of the characters and the environment in the game. While the core gameplay of 8 Ball Hero App may look similar, the high graphics quality setting will smooth out some edges and corners and give the gameplay a more “HD” look and feel.

Please note that some graphics settings are hardware-based, and two different devices running on the same settings may display the game slightly differently.
If you have an older device (2016 or older), we would recommend you try the game first on low settings, then experiment on high settings later as suggested by First Touch Games.

Guide #2: How To Customise your Hero

Download 8 Ball Hero App

After completing Level 10, you will gain the ability to customize your player’s appearance such as gender, hair, hair color, shirt, shoes etc

You can customize your player's appearance at any point by clicking the player customization button in the bottom right corner of the screen whilst on the level selection screen.

Guide #3: How To Spin the Ball

On completion of stage 30, then will you be able to use spin controls.

Guide #4: What is Energy

This allows you to continue attempting stages as many times as you like. Remember, once your energy runs out, you will need to purchase more or rest until you have enough to go again!

Guide #5: What are No Cushions?

A no cushion game is when you complete a stage without hitting the cushions with any ball.

Guide #6: Open Tables

An open table is when you can hit either stripes or spots. The ball(s) you pocket will then determine which remaining balls you need to pot to win the stage.

Guide #7: Bank Shot

A bank shot is when you strike the object ball off the cushion(s) into the pocket.
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Guide #8: Boosts

Boosts are there to give you a helping hand if you are stuck! Use them wisely and they might give you the edge to win the stage. They include - Rewind, Improved Shot Guide, Free Shot, and Ball in Hand.

Guide #9: How To Change Camera Angle

There are two ways to change the camera angle of 8 Ball Hero Apk + Obb File. If you would like to change the default camera, head over to Settings where you will have a choice to change it to a 3D or 2D camera view. You can also change the camera during a frame by tapping the 3D or 2D button at the bottom of the screen whilst lining up your shot.

Guide #10: Multi Pot

This would be when you pot multiple balls in a single shot.

Guide #11: Objectives

Just like FTS Daily Match Challenge, for each stage in the 8 Ball Hero Game, there will be 3 objectives! Challenge yourself to achieve all 3 and you will be rewarded 3 gold stars.

Download 8 Ball Hero App

How To Install 8 Ball Hero Apk + OBB + Data File On Android

This process requires a File Explorer App like Zarchiver app, so make sure you use this application to make File transfer easy and fast. But you can still use your phone's default file manager or any of your choice.
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Direct Install (Link has no redirection, nor Ads)

  1. Install 8 Ball Hero Apk, download the required files
  2. Move the OBB Folder (com.firsttouchgames.pool OBB) to Android > OBB
  3. Install the Application and Launch
PlayStore Install
  1. Search 8 Ball Hero Pool Billiards Puzzle Game on Playstore
  2. Click Download
  3. After that, Click Open and enjoy for free!


I guess by now you want to download this game after the review. What made me even download it is because it is from my best game company, First Touch who offered First Touch Soccer (FTS) and Dream League (DLS), Score Hero (SH).

8 Ball Hero App download for iOS is free and also Android, so you can play this game, also, it is an offline game. Share this post with friends and comment below if you have any question, have a lovely day!


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