How to Accumulate Avo Data for Mtn Vodacom, Telkom, CellC, Free Airtime

You can get free Airtime on your Vodacom, Telkom, CellC, MTN SA SIM when you make use of the Avo app that top-ups airtime on your sim card. You will get R10 Airtime after making use of the app, but there is a better way to accumulate Avo data on these sims to get unlimited airtime. 
Accumulate Avo Data for Mtn

The Avo data, once accumulated, can be used to subscribe to any data plan of your choice, it is free to download and there is no delay of your free R10 airtime. There will be no expiry date for the data, so you can accumulate as much as possible.

Also, the application is available for Android and iOS users, both operating systems can support the accumulation of MTN SA R10 Airtime via AVO app 2020. The accumulation is still on-going, no certainty when the promo offer will end, so get yours now and then subscribe to a data bundle, no need always subscribing to MTN WhatsApp bundle again.

Offtopic, we'll write a few articles about South Africa network tweaks and add more on UT Loop VPN, it is still working very well. So heading back to the main discussion, here are the requirements needed.

Requirements for the Airtime Free Data South Africa

  • MTN South Africa SIM Card
  • Android, iOS, or Bluestacks for PC.
  • About 1-5MB to open AVO portal

How To Get Free Airtime on MTN Vodacom, Telkom, CellC South Africa

So now, follow the instructions below to get the free MTN airtimeVodacom, Telkom, CellC, and also learn how to legally accumulate the R10 Mtn airtime bonus via Avo.

accumulate avo mtn data

  1. Have little data to open the URL (Avo.Africa).
  2. Click "Let's get started" to signup for the wallet.
  3. Input your email, south Africa id number, and phone number.
  4. After signup, you will be given free points immediately.
  5. From the available options, click "Prepaid" > "Airtime" > "MTN" (Any Network).
  6. Now you need to use the free points to purchase an Airtime.
  7. It will be added to the MTN number used during registration.

Note: There is Avo app for iOS or Android and follow the same process above to accumulate Avo data for MTN free Airtime. Also, this method works for other networks like Vodacom, Telkom, CellC.

How To Accumulate Avo Data For MTN Airtime Free

cellc mtn vodacom free airtime

Accumulation is very much legal in this aspect and it is officially the recommended way Avo made clear to get more points. So how do you accumulate it?

Make sure you head to the share section of the website or application for Android or iOS. Now copy your link and share the referral link with your family, friends, or social media groups to gain more points that can be converted to airtime.

Also, another method to accumulate this is to get a new MTN Sim and register again, but that will mean you have another south Africa id, you can always generate one online.

So this is how to accumulate Avo data for mtn south Africa sim card and get free airtime that can be used to purchase unlimited free data. If you enjoyed reading this article and it worked, make sure you share the post with others, not only your referral link.


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