WhatsApp Synchronization Of Chats History is Now Coming Across Platforms

 The long-awaited feature is coming to WhatsApp, soon you will be able to use one WhatsApp account on multiple devices without logging out on the connected phone. This is a feature that can be seen on Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media, WhatsApp limitation on this feature is being lifted for the first time.

WhatsApp Synchronization Of Chats

Previously, when you connect your new account to a different phone or device, WhatsApp will log you out of the previous device. In fact, the only way to sync your chat history and messages was to connect your phone to pc, making sure your phone is still connected to the internet to receive messages and send it from your computer. That's not the case again.

The report of WhatsApp adding this feature came from WABetaInfo, they confirmed that WhatsApp will soon start syncing everyone's chat history across platforms so multiple device support is acceptable, the maximum number of devices that can be linked at the same time is 4. So now you can switch your WhatsApp login from Android and iOS simultaneously without having to logout on one device.

Additionally, the Web client and desktop app still allow syncing of chat history, this requires your phone is connected to the internet, but an update to this will mean you do not need an internet connection for your messages to be sent or received via your PC. But you do still require the normal initial connection process which is scanning the QR code.


The new update that allows multiple adding of WhatsApp account on mobile devices will need you to follow almost the same PC process, but what is new here is that once you are done connecting both devices so the chats are synced, you do not require an internet connection on the host device again, you can simply turn off the network on the main device and continue your conversation on the second phone. Alternatively, both can still be connected to the internet all chats will be synced as they are sent.

For security purposes, when you remove or change your phone when connected to the multiple device support for WhatsApp, your most active chats will be sent as an encrypted message. Very quite similar to that of when a user has changed their phone number when you chat them or otherwise.

Furthermore, this new update will work on iPad, Whatsapp said. Meaning you can connect both iPhone and iPad WhatsApp app at the same time and use them. But there is no mention, yet, if the cross-platform syncing functionality will operate for Android and iPhones, but the possibility is there and that will be a very good feature for mobile users. However, the sync functionality has been said to work mainly for PC and mobile devices, then iPhone and iPad.

Why we wait for this feature to be implemented sooner rather than later, there are apps that still allows you to use one WhatsApp account on multiple devices. So if you enjoyed reading this Tech News, share it with others, thanks for making time to check this out.


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