How to Get Facebook Avatars Cartoon Free (Full Tutorial 2020)

Well, Facebook Avatars is trending right now on the social platform, almost everyone is changing their profile picture to the Cartoon Avatars. So have you wondered how to get Facebook Avatars for free by yourself? This post will explain how it works and a step by step tutorial with images have been added as well.
Get Facebook Avatars Cartoon Free

To my surprise, while researching this topic, I came to realize the Facebook Avatars were trending in May 2020 in many countries where it was released but some weren't aware of it like Nigerians, Kenyans, and other African countries because it wasn't released there yet. So if you've been seeing this Facebook Avatars Stickers on your friend's profile as of recent and they didn't let you know how it was done, this article will help you out because it has been released for Africans now.

The Avatars can be used as a sticker on your posts, it can be shared via the picture media section, and you can create a very unique Facebook Avatar since there are many options to choose from. So here I have reviewed only a few key features of it below.

Features of Facebook Avatars

Facebook Avatars can be gotten from the application and it is not a stand-alone app you can get from online. It has a lot of features and for these reasons, many people now make it their permanent profile picture. So here are 10 features of Facebook Avatars cartoon you can use right now.

  1. Skin Tone: There are many skins to choose from like White, Brown, Black, etc.
  2. Hair Styles: Also you can choose the design of your hair like short, medium, or long
  3. Face Shape: This is where the uniqueness comes in, choose the shape of the face.
  4. Eye Shape: You can choose the shape of the Facebook Avatar eyes like eye cuts, low eyes.
  5. Eye Color: There are different eye colors to select like Red, Blue, Green, Brown, etc.
  6. Makeup: If you need a female character, then you can use this section for eye makeup.
  7. Eyewear: Glasses with different shapes and designs can be selected from this category.
  8. The Nose: Here you can change the nose shape to any of your choices. E.g Pointed Nose.
  9. Outfit: Different types of cloths with cool designs, shoes, e.t.c
  10. Headwear: There are caps with different sizes, hats, hijab, turban, e.t.c.

So these are the cool features of Facebook Avatars stickers. You can make it look more like you by just using the camera icon when customizing your Avatars. If you are very good at it, then this can be done for others too, making the avatars look more like them in real life.

How To Get Facebook Avatars 2020

1. Update your Facebook Application to the Latest version.

2. Launch the application and tap the "Menu" button.

3. Scroll down a bit and tap on "Avatars".

create your Facebook Avatars

4. It will show "loading your avatar".

create your Facebook Avatars

5. After that Select your skin tone and click "Next" to proceed.

create your Facebook Avatars

6. Customize your avatar by choosing the eye, hair, and other accessories.

create your Facebook Avatars

7. Once you are done, click "Done" and under 3 seconds it will be created.

create your Facebook Avatars

8. Then you will be told it can also be used as a sticker in the comment section.

create your Facebook Avatars

create your Facebook Avatars

9. Your Avatar will be displayed to you, so you can share it with News Feed instantly.

create your Facebook Avatars

10. Repeat the process again to create more free Facebook Avatars on Android and iOS.

create your Facebook Avatars


So this is how to create your Facebook Avatars Cartoon by yourself for free on Android and iOS. The sticker can also be used on Facebook Messenger application on groups and with your friends. If you enjoyed reading this tutorial and got yours working, leave a comment below.


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