Facebook Confirms a Tool That Could Read Your Thoughts is Being Developed: Report

Facebook says it's developing new tools in which one is a tool that is able to read your thoughts and translate them into action. This is a neutral sensor that will accurately read the minds of users, so this will make it easy for them to make decisions without having to do them physically. This might should weird, but it has been confirmed by Facebook, so here's what you should know about the new tools coming on Facebook and how this neutral sensor works.

Facebook Virtual Sensors
Facebook Virtual Sensors

On Tuesday, Facebook held a year-end meeting which tells its employees about the plans they have for 2021, the new technology was also demonstrated. Also, they also talked about a new tool called "TL;DR" which means "Too long, Didn't read". This tool will summarize a news article for users via AI to help them get the main point of the article without having to read it completely.

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Though this meeting was not public, the information was obtained by BuzzFeed News that obtained the audio of the meeting which was led by Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg, this was broadcasted virtually to the employees. 

TL;DR will not only summarize news articles for Facebook readers but will also be able to do so in bullet points, the audio narration of articles, and a voice assistant to ask questions about a piece, noted the report.

Speaking about the 'neural sensor device' Facebook demonstrated, here is exactly how it works - Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer said: "that the sensor takes neural signals coming from my brain, down my spinal cord along my arm, to my wrist, where this sensor detects and interprets them, and allows users to make a physical action."

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Schroepfer said the sensor has benefits such as for typing, holding a virtual object, or controlling a video game. Facebook's data centers are currently receiving new systems, this will make the neutral sensors 10-30 times faster and will also make the company's AI to train itself.

Finally, Facebook has another project called "Horizon", according to a report, this is a social media that is based on virtual reality, users are able to ‘hang out' with their avatars in VR just like Second Life. Using a tech called FaceGen, users are able to video chat, this is able to still work while connected to a poor network.

So these are the 3 projects Facebook is working on, obviously, the most surprising will be the neutral sensor. Let us know what you think about these developments, don't forget to share and come back for such tech news article like this on uchetechs.com.


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