Glo Gamebox Unlimited Free Browsing 2021 (UT Loop PRO & LITE VPN)

Well, here it is guys, another discovered Free Browsing by UcheTechs. How to activate Glo Gamebox Unlimited Free Browsing which works just like 9Mobile Games Unlimited, this is tremendously cheaper than you expected, this guide is all about settings for Glo Game box Bundle on UT Loop VPN, it has been confirmed to be working already.

Glo Gamebox Unlimited Free Browsing 2021

Glo Gamebox Plan is a new bundle offered by Glo that allows users to pay a cheap price to access unlimited games on their website. The price is as low as this; N15 for a day, N55 for a week, N155 for a whole month. These plans allow unlimited access to Glo Android games, so we power all apps with this and browse free via UT Loop VPN which can be downloaded here.

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GLO Gamebox Unlimited [Requirements & Details]

  • OS: Android
  • Tariff Plan: Any
  • SIM: Glo 3G or 4G
  • Sim Selective: No, all SIM supported
  • Data Bundle: Gamebox
  • Data Cap: Unlimited

How To Subscribe to Glo Game Box Unlimited Plan

1. To subscribe for Glo Game Box, send any of the below;
- Games to 900
- Gamebox to 900
- Sub Games to 900
- Sub Glo Gamebox

1.1. Alternatively, dial *900# and you will receive the below link as SMS
- "Thanks for your interest in Glo GameBox. Please click the link..." (Click Here_)

2. On the Top-right corner of the Glo GameBox website, tap on "Join Now"

3. Now you will see the below plans, select one.

GLO Gamebox Unlimited

4. Tap on Subscribe, Now you will be asked to input your Glo phone number.

Subscribe to Glo Game Box

5. Click "Confirm" and it will be activated.

6. (IF), you want to unsubscribe from a plan, SMS “Unsub Games” to 900.

UT Loop VPN Settings For Glo Gamebox Unlimited

1. Download and Install any of the below VPN

2. Have at least 1MB for Server update.

3. On Server, Select "Glo Gamebox Unlimited | Server"
  • PRO has 3 servers
  • LITE has 1 server

4. On Tweaks, Select "Glo Ganebox Unlimited | Tweak".

Glo Gamebox Unlimited Browsing Cheat

5. Tap the glowing "Connect" Button, under 5 seconds you are connected.

Note: The plan is unlimited, you have unlimited downloading, browsing, chatting, and so on for just that little amount. There is daily, weekly, and monthly, I think everyone is able to afford the N155 Glo Game Box subscription, but there is N15 and N25 naira own, so you are free to choose.

You know how we roll, leave your questions below, your replies to readers' questions, suggestions, and also acknowledgment it works. Don't forget to share, thanks for reading.


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