WhatsApp Group Chat Invite Links & User Profiles now in Google Search

WhatsApp groups are now showing up on Google search engine again, the last time this happened was in 2019, but that was a bug that got fixed. This year 2021, it seems intentional and so this makes it possible for you to search for a group on Google and you will get the link, this can also apply to user profiles, getting people phone number and profile pictures by a simple Google search.

WhatsApp Group Chat Invite Links

With the group links being indexed, you can join a group that you got removed from, this works just like Telegram group links but doesn't apply to Telegram private groups. You can find links to join groups through Google, you can also see the phone numbers and posts shared within those groups as well. There are over 5000 group invite links currently indexed, even if you revoke your group link, it's just a matter of time for Google to recrawl it and update the old group link.

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To find group links, simply search for "chat.whatsapp.com group name or category" and it will appear on Google search. Some links are currently being indexed, so on some days, it could be easier to get links. Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong reported they have fixed the issue using a 'no-index' tag on them, but new group links created do not have the no-index meta tag and this results in them being created.

Talking about the indexed profile, you can chat with a user or look at their profile picture, to search for a member, simply search the country codes on WhatsApp's domain, you will see the URLs of people profiles.

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Alongside group invite links, WhatsApp seems to have allowed Google again to index user profiles to let anyone chat with a user or look at their profile picture. Currently, there are over 6,000 profile links indexed on Google search engine, but most profile links indexed are users whose privacy settings enabled their profile pictures and status to be seen by all rather than contacts or nobody.


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