How Google Maps New Incognito Mode Feature Works

    Google is testing a new feature in Google Maps which is called "Incognito Mode". This increases privacy and doesn't store location search history. The "Incognito Mode" in Google Maps is currently being tested for Android Users.
    Google Maps Incognito Mode

    Google Maps Incognito Mode is very similar to Google Chrome's Feature which prevents the storage of search history, visited websites and location tracking.

    Google Maps 10.26 Features
    Google Maps Incognito Mode

    This increases privacy and this isn't the only feature Google Maps 10.26 will be rolling out with. Google's App also will feature a new "Eye Free walking navigation mode" reports XDA Developers.

    - The "Eyes Free" mode makes it easier to walk more and use phone less, that is to say, it reduces how often you need to look at your phone while using the app.

    This mode would "add more detailed voice guidance during walking navigation".

    Google Maps have been getting tons of updates recently just like other Google Apps like Google Photos and Play Store Dark Mode.

    Google Maps Incognito Mode

    Google Map was updated last month with "Live View" navigation mode, while previous months it came up with speed limits and mobile radar locations features.

    If you want to test the new Google Maps Incognito Mode, you can join the beta testers.

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