Latest MTN 500MB E-learning Cheat for UT Loop Pro

 This is the latest MTN Free browsing cheat, it offers Free MTN 500mb E-learning data daily. With the help of UT Loop Pro, you are able to power all apps with the MTN Daily 500MB E-Learning data. This is already working on V2Ray by UTLoop VPN, regardless of that, we have added this on UT Loop Pro for a more stable and fast connection. The advantage of this VPN is there is no VPN connection time, no frequent disconnections, no forced video ads every 3 hours, no expiry configuration file.

Free 500MB for Government e-Learning Site

MTN 500MB E-learning Cheat powers all applications on your device, the free MTN 500MB Daily resets every midnight, so you get another for the next day. All it takes is just a tap of a button and you will enjoy free browsing on your MTN NG sim card. Please note that the 500MB cannot be accumulated, so ignore any rumors saying you need to roll back your phone date, your ISP does not follow your system time, so this cannot work.

What is MTN E-Learning Data?

This is a daily 500MB data given to primary, secondary, and tertiary students using MTN network in other for them to access some government E-learning or educational websites. In other to get the free MB, students need to visit any of Nigeria-supported E-Learning websites like, (visiting the host website might not give you the MB) then you can check your data balance with *131*4# to see the data.

So this latest free browsing is currently the best currently, don't forget Airtel unlimited cheat, Glo unlimited cheat, and Airtel 500MB cheat have all been blocked.

Well, MTN 50MB still works, and Airtel 50MB as well, so now you can add this MTN 500MB E-learning Free browsing to the list of working free internet in Nigeria.

MTN Free 500MB E-Learning Data Cheat For UT Loop Pro

This 500MB e-learning data will not be added on UT Loop Lite, so you can enjoy this on UT Loop V2Ray and UT Loop Pro only. The difference is that on V2Ray, all you need to do is connect to get your free 500MB, while SSH, you "may" need to visit the E-Learning website and then check your data balance to confirm the MB before connecting.


How To Activate MTN 500MB Cheat on UT Loop Pro

  • Launch UT Loop Pro App you downloaded with the link above.
  • Make sure you have little data for OTA Update. Free OTA will popup, tap "OK".
  • Next, Tap the Menu Icon, you will see "Vip Subscription" from the list, toggle on the option.
  • Now wait for 2 seconds, you will see a Popup for the VIP Server, now tap "OK".

    MTN 500MB E-Learn Cheat

  • Now on that same Menu, Tap the VIP Subscription Key Icon to input login details.
    - On Username, input: utlooppro
    - On Password, Input: utlooppro

    MTN 500MB E-Learn Cheat

  • Now Save it.
  • Finally on the VPN home page, choose the first option for server, select MTN 500MB E-learning VIP Server.
  • While on the Tweaks section, scroll down to NGA and choose MTN 500MB E-learning VIP.
  • Now Tap "BEGIN" to start the connection and enjoy free MTN 500MB Daily

    MTN 500MB E-Learn Cheat

Note: We decided to go through this VIP route so you have a very fast and stable connection, you wouldn't be sharing other servers with other countries since it's not on the main tweaks section, this is dedicated for Nigeria and so it's very fast. Also, in case you didn't see the MTN E-Learn on the Tweak section, clear app data from the app menu, it will appear.

Activate MTN 500MB Cheat on V2Ray by UTLoop

  • Launch V2Ray By UTLoop App you downloaded from Google Playstore.
  • Next, tap the Menu Icon > then with an internet connection, tap "Update Config".
  • Now when the Tweaks have updated/loaded, choose MTN 500MB E-Learning.

    v2ray utloop mtn free

  • Tap the connect button and enjoy

Note: On V2Ray by UTLoop, it might take longer to connect due to the VPN Protocol. So we recommend UT Loop Pro, which connects in seconds, powers all apps, and doesn't have any frequent disconnections.

As of the time, this article was written on 17/07/2021, this was working perfectly fine. Kindly leave your comments below the comment section, thank you.




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