First Touch 2020 [FTS 20] Mod Apk+OBB Data Android (November/Dec Season)

First Touch Soccer 2020 Apk + OBB Data download links for Android with improved graphics and latest transfers update have been shared for free on UcheTechs. As expected, all links shared on this site are tested and working, so you should enjoy the First Touch Soccer 2020 game on your respective Android devices. If you need the best offline soccer game for Android, this is the best you can see so far with the latest graphics updates.
First Touch Soccer 2020 Download

Playing games is fun and you should be aware of FTS Series which offers many Mod updates such as Stadium upgrades, kits and logo, and also new balls in the game. I will work you through everything you need to know about FTS 20 Game for Android Phone. So let us head straight to the game fact and features.

FTS 20 Apk has high-quality gameplay, looking at the pitch alone is enough to convince you how awesome and addictive this game is. The only con of the game is that it lost its official creators who should have maintained this game development like they are doing to Dream League Soccer. But with the great fans who love this game, they keep updating it by modding the First Touch Soccer 2020 game such as a new menu, background images, music, and new UI navigation menu settings.

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The game buttons keep getting better and better as new updates roll out by Modders, the three-button controls A, B and C have been updated with a new awesome design which is similar to Play Station Logo. This version is better than what you see out there, there are no Lags with the analog which prevents you from having smooth gameplay.

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Speaking of transfers, you should fear not because all players have been moved to their latest clubs respectively based on real-life events. There is no misplacement in player clubs, data or even preferred feet for dribbling and passing. I can remember playing an FTS Mod which had Muhammed Salah using the wrong feet while playing which is right, I had to uninstall the game. But be rest assured you are not facing this as you download FTS 20.

The game size is not even up to 500MB, devices with low internal storage space like 2GB can even play this game on their device, the best part is you do not need so much RAM space to play FTS 20 Apk on your smartphone. Other updates you will like is the stadium improvement when you check your stadium, you will see it can be updated to any you want, more pitch has also been added and colors changed.

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Hard Games are fun to play, so you can try playing in hard mode to see if you can complete with world best teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, FC Bayern or even MCI. As for me, when I play a season and win, I prefer moving to other leagues, this is what keeps me moving to conquer all as the best manager. If you qualified for Champions League, watch out for “Maribor” those guys might be drawn in your group because they are almost impossible to beat when playing hard in FTS 20 UCL.

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Changes such as new controls in First Touch Soccer 2020 has not been added in any released mod series of this game so far, so ignore any information concerning new controls. This is a Mod, and there are limitations to what can be added to this game since the full source code is not available and the game has no support from First Touch Games again – Multiplayer and Player Face changes can also not be made to happen.

But some changes to images have been made such as the FTS 20 APK icon, OBB Filename and Folder also changes on the Data Folder name and added pictures for updated team Logos and Kits.

FTS 2020 App got a new real-life event update pertaining to player star ratings such as Messi and Ronaldo. No new Skills have been added, nor can be added, so the pre-defined skills and tricks already present in the game can be taken advantage of, learn how to make use of them to beat defends and give yourself a scoring chance. Providing the download link of FTS 20 now, so sit, relax and read on the guide for free.

Download First Touch Soccer 2020 Apk+Obb Data Latest Version For Android

FTS 20 Download

Before you begin the download, make sure you scroll down a bit to get the file information and download requirements so you wouldn’t feel said the game refused to work based on your expectations. Below I have shared the latest First Touch Soccer 2020 Apk, OBB and Game Data for only Android (New Update), iOS version will not be coming even in the next 4 years except an official release from the company is revealed.


Download the RAR File below, to extract and view OBB and DATA Files, use Zarchiver Application for that.


Separated OBB + Data File + Apk For FTS 20 Android


obb: Extract to Internal Memory > Android > OBB

Data: Extract with Zarchiver to Internal Memory > Android > Data

Above File Information:

  • Name: FTS 20 (First Touch Soccer 2020)
  • File Size: (Apk+Obb Data) = [58.95MB+124.72MB+125.66MB]
  • Version: Latest patch
  • Game Type: Sports
  • Publisher: First Touch Games
  • Android Required: 4.1 and up
  • Last Updated: 2019

What’s NEW!

  • NEW Pitch Update
  • New Graphics Improvement
  • Player Development
  • Latest Transfers and Kits
  • Logos and New in-game music updates
  • Bug Fixes

Remember These Points While And Before Downloading FTS 20 On Your Android Device

  • Prevent corrupted file or “error parsing” this file when your download has concluded. This can easily be done when you have enough storage space for extraction and downloads. Make sure you read this part, or you might just have to re-download FTS 20 Apk again and that seems like a waste of time.
  • To prevent slow download, make sure you download one file at a time, downloading video or any media in the background can make the First Touch Soccer 2020 download very slow, this can even cause server error and this means you need to download from the beginning again.
  • The fast browser and the best for downloading Android Games and Apps are “UC Browser” but for greate experience, use Google Chrome. Make sure you know the file path so that you can easily locate FTS Mod Apk+OBB+Data Files for extractions and installations.
  • A Good browser and slow internet mean it will still be slow, so make sure you changed your network settings to 3G or LTE for fast download and experience.
  • These four notes are required for any Game or Application on Android if you want to successfully enjoy them. First Touch Soccer will work fine ones you follow this carefully researched tip from UcheTechs.Com which is generally helpful.

Features of First Touch Soccer 2020 Mod Apk

Knowing this will inspire you to want to download this game urgently, I have listed First Touch Soccer 2020 Apk Mod For Android key features which are highlighted below.

  • Manager Mode: FTS 2020 For Android shows you Manager Mode where you can choose a single club which you play over 50 matches, mixtures of Cup Matches, Derby Matchs, Super Cub and all League Matches. In this mode, you can also buy players, renew contracts, sell or release players to free transfers and clubs can also negotiate to get players from your team. The Match Schedule can be seen here, you have a monthly and yearly objective, also each month there is always a team of the month and fan's player of the month, so there is much to enjoy in this soccer game.
  • New Stadiums: This has been updated, now you can change the design of how your stadium looks, for example, if you want to use Cam Nou Stadium, you can change the design to that. There are numerous pitch design to choose from like Diamond Check, Circled Diamond, Horizontal Stripe, Diagonal A, e.t.c
  • Updated League Club Transfers: New League cannot be added to the game, but the good news is that the players have been transferred to match the real-world event of November to December Season. Some popular leagues available in the game are League 1, Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Barclays Premier League, and Brasilian League.
  • Game Modes: Unlike DLS which doesn't feature Friendly Match, First Touch Soccer features an exhibition match that allows you choose any club or national country you want to play against, you can change the match timer and display as well. Some other game modes you will enjoy in FTS MOD are Star Player (Become a Legend), Training and Cup.
  • Unlimited Coins: This Modded version has the unlimited coin, if this is not made available, newbies will find it difficult to cope when their star players have gotten suspended or are faced with injuries. So with unlimited coins, you can heal such players so that they are available for the next match. If you are the type that doesn't like the unlimited amount of money for free in the game, you can disable that using lucky patcher or removing it via the FTS 20 Data File.
  • HD Graphics: As per the graphics, First Touch Soccer 2020 has the best graphics for an offine Android Game which Size is not even up to 500MB in total. The atmosphere in the game is intense, nice crowd reactions and commentary, players' emotions are also displayed and also, fatigue affects players faster if they are working extremely hard to get the team spirit moving.
  • Difficulty Modes: The game has three-level difficulties you can choose from which are Easy, Normal and Hard. Playing the Easy mode lets the defender attack you less, in fact almost leaves you entirely, I don't recommend this mode except you want to break records like winning 13-0 or more. As for the Normal Mode, this isn't really difficult, maybe for experts, but beginners can try this level to understand the controls before heading to the hard level which is the hardest and requires more planning and persistence.
  • Sound Tracks: There are some selected soundtracks in the game, interesting music which you can listen to while in the game menu. If you want to add yours, you can easily make use of Apk editor to Mod FTS 20 and re-install the App.
Make sure you know what "you must do before downloading First Touch Soccer" if you do not, check out those important points. Now, we are here, let us see how to install FTS 20 Apk + OBB Data on Android with November Season Update.

How To Install First Touch Soccer 2020 On your Android Phone?

Install FTS 20 on Android

The installation can be quite demanding due to how difficult it is for beginners, so I will not leave you with only FTS 2020 Mod Apk download, rather, I will guide you through the First Touch Soccer 2020 Apk File installation method. If it were to be Google Play Store, all required on your part is just click "Install" and they will set all perquisites for you such as the OBB File and Data file, but this app is not on Google Play, we are making use of free direct download link, so you will set it up yourself through the tutorial shared here.
  • Download Latest ZArchiver Android App to extract the FTS 20 Zip file and also make file transfer within the device easy and fast.

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  • After doing that, you will see the Apk, Obb and Data Files inside the extracted folder.
  • Extract FTS 20 OBB Rar File to get the Data File, while the Apk has been decompressed already after following step one.
  • Move the FTS 20 OBB File your Internal Storage, then Android Folder, locate OBB Folder and paste it there. If you do not see OBB Folder, just create it.
  • While the Data File for FTS 20 is similar, but this time instead of pasting on OBB Folder, paste it on Data Folder which is still under Internal Storage > Android.
  • Now Tap the First Touch Soccer 2020 Apk Mod and Click Install, wait for it to successfully install, then tap Open to Play for Free or Done.


FTS 2020 Gameplay
FTS 2020 Walkthrough Gameplay

In Conclusion

First Touch Soccer 2020 Android game has different Modded versions from many sources, some have glitches such as players using the wrong foot while playing, while some cannot allow change of players or formation from the team start menu in manager mode, but this doesn't mean all have these issues. This version I shared is worth downloading, I will regularly update this page with a newer version with the latest transfers and bug fixes, so remember the name - UcheTechs.Com.

Sharing FTS 20 game means a lot to your friends because they need to be aware of such a game exists which they can play offline, for free on any high or low-end device.


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