WhatsApp Web & Desktop App Linking gets a new Biometric Security Layer

WhatsApp has added a new security layer for WhatsApp Web and desktop app linking & logging in. This makes it less possible for anyone to just link their WhatsApp account to your computer without your knowledge. Now when you want to link your WhatsApp account to your PC, you will be asked to authenticate using fingerprint or Face ID.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp cleared how this will work, they said the face and fingerprint authentication will be done on the user's phone in a way that even the WhatsApp company cannot access the biometric information secretly stored on the smartphone's OS, though this might be controversial knowing their new policy update and how it shows no regards for their user's personal information.

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Previously, the way you can link your WhatsApp Mobile account to your desktop was to scan the QR code, but now, it is done differently. You need to go to the privacy of your account on your phone, now you will be asked to use a face or fingerprint unlock on the phone, once this is done, you will now be able to access the QR code scanner from the phone that will then make sure you will successfully link your account to your PC.

This will limit the chance that a housemate or officemate (when we have those again) can link devices to your WhatsApp account without you. This builds on our existing security measures today, which pop up a notice in your phone whenever a Web/Desktop login occurs, and the ability to unlink devices from your phone at any time.
WhatsApp explains in an official release.

Currently, this new feature has not been rolled out to the public, WhatsApp confirms users will begin getting updates in the coming weeks. Coming to the new updates, WhatsApp Web pages on mobile devices will also be redesigned and optimized for fast loading and a smooth user interface.

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WhatsApp force privacy policy updates a few weeks back made a lot of users finally leave the company for other social media like Signal and Telegram. We are live on these platforms, be sure to follow us there for updates regarding tech news. Make use of the comment box for questions or opinions.


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