Best Apps to Share Android VPN Internet Connection on PC (No Zapping)

 This article contains the latest working method to share an android VPN internet connection over a wifi hotspot without having root access and (most importantly), without your data zapping when it comes to certain tweaks like glo unlimited browsing discovered by us. So if you want to share your Android VPN connection over a PC, this post will teach you just that.

Share Android VPN Internet Connection

There are applications that help you with this issue, in fact, this post is about the best apps to share an android VPN connection to your PC without having root access. Without apps like Pdanet (Foxfi Key), Everproxy, Tethernet, NetShare+ Wifi Tether, e.t.c it would be difficult to actually share and browse with your phone hotspot while it's connected to a mobile phone VPN.

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Why Share Android VPN Connection to PC?

There are so many reasons you will have to share your android VPN connection over a hotspot to a PC. This can be because you are getting the benefit of a secure connection on one of the popular VPNs like Torguard and you would want to share that protective connection with your computer without your privacy being leaked or location changes. So by sharing the VPN connection from android to pc, you get fully protected and all connections will route through the VPN.

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Another reason, which is the most important especially for those making use of free internet browsing is to make sure you are able to browse will the Android tunneling VPN configuration. Directly making use of your phone hotspot will result in a "no internet connection" error whereas you are having free internet through the tunneling VPN on your mobile device.

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If you make use of a free internet browsing that requires you to have little internet MB for connection to be established which will result in the MB not being touched and you then inturn get unlimited free internet, it will be wise to make use of one of the best apps to share android VPN internet connection so you do not face zapping of data (No Zapping).

How To Share Android VPN Connection with Windows Computer (Best Apps)

1. Pdanet:

Pdanet remains the best android app to share android VPN connection over to pc without having root access, it works flawlessly. The app has a free and paid version, also there is software for pc users, all these work hands in hand. So is how to use PdaNet to share or tether VPN connection from your mobile phone to your PC easily.


  • Download premium PDANet+ v5.23 for your Android device
  • Download pdanet.exe file for PC
  • Install all the files above (Android & PC).
  • Next, turn off your mobile phone hotspot if enabled.
  • Now launch the installed PDANet+ app on your Android device, you will see these options: USB Tether, Bluetooth Server, Wifi Hotspot.
  • Go to the device developers option (tap build number 10 times), then enable "USB debugging".
  • Launch the Pdanet android app and activate the “USB Tether” option, then connect your phone USB cable to the PC
  • Launched the installed PDANet+ for PC and confirm that your USB is connected to the phone.
  • Open the PDANet+ menu from the notification bar of your Windows and click on “Connect Internet (USB)”.
  • It will automatically verify and authenticate your connection which leads to your connection via USB.

Features of Pdanet

  • FoxFi/WiFi Hotspot Mode
  • USB Mode
  • Root Access Not Needed
  • Supports Mac, Windows & Android
  • FoxFi Key for premium features (WiFi Tether)

2. Ever Proxy:

EverProxy application handles the following protocols HTTP, HTTPS, Socks4, Socks5. With this app, you can use your Android network connection from another device. The proxy will bind to the IP Address assigned to your Android device. So here is how to use Ever Proxy to share or tether VPN connection from your mobile phone to your PC easily.

Ever Proxy

  • First of all, download Every Proxy App.
  • Launch the application and enable:
    - HTTP
    - HTTPS
  • A proxy host and port will be displayed for you, so you need to save this.
  • So go to your PC WiFi settings and set up the proxy with the given info.
  • Also, set up DNS with Google DNS or Cloudflare.
  • Connect your phone to your pc via a hotspot and then all connections will work.

Features of Ever Proxy
  • The dark mode is supported.
  • Authentication is enabled for both the HTTP/S and Socks proxies.
  • Binding of the proxy server.


This is how to share an android VPN connection with pc over a hotspot or USB without rooting or facing data zap for some free internet browsing. It's very easy, let me know via the comment box what your thoughts are.


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